Saturday, July 3, 2010

Long weekend -- Big Inventory

I spent 2 hours today organizing my [LAP] poses. I have hundreds both male and female and I picked up a few sets and props I didn't already have at the L$50 sale. I also updated my Tillie pose stand and HUD and she has added some really cool features. So after 2 hours of work/play I have two stuffed pose stands, one female and one male. I spent some time trying to understand the sets feature of the HUD but it didn't quite work the way I expected. But, even if I have to configure the notecard by hand, it is a great feature. That's on my to do list.

I learned about the Equus sale from Arabella and the dresses she showed looked so cute I had to check them out.

And I found this cool Textgasm HUD on XStreet today. Finally I won't be the most boring person chatting in a club!

Hair: !lamb, The Chills - Powder w/ Black Roots
Skin: Gala :GP: Moonbeam Lovely-Gossamer
Dress: equus - petiole flower
Flower on shoulder: equus - vscus merte flower
Pose: Long Awkward Pose

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tim said...

I am always lost and stumble around trying to read fancy text work and decipher text art-work. I do appreciate it though. As a frequent clubber, I know many Sl'ers have text imagery and emote. I tend to be a bland SL guy that at least has the courtesy to take his typing animation out in local chat. Maybe I will look into "textgasm"I love shortcuts and would like to at least not feel like a "noobtard".